Effects on Human Health

The vehicular pollutant have damaging effects on both human health and ecology. The health effects of pollution vary in the degree of severity,covering a range of minor effects to serious illness, as well as premature death in certain cases. These pollutants are believed to directly affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In particular, high levels of Sulphur dioxide and Suspended Particulate Matter are associated with increased mortality, morbidity and impaired pulmonary function.

Pollutant Effect on Human Health

Carbon Monoxide

Affects the cardio vascular system, exacerbating cardiovascular disease symptoms, particularly angina; may also particularly affect fetuses, sick, anemic and young children, affects nervous system impairing physical coordination, vision and judgments, creating nausea and headaches, reducing productivity and increasing personal discomfort.

Nitrogen Oxides

Increased susceptibility to infections, pulmonary diseases, impairment of lung function and eye, nose and throat irritations.

Sulphur Dioxide

Affect lung function adversely.

Particulate Matter and Respirable Particulate Matter (SPM and RPM)

Fine particulate matter may be toxic in itself or may carry toxic (including carcinogenic) trace substance, and can alter the immune system. Fine particulates penetrate deep into the respiratory system irritating lung tissue and causing long-term disorders.


Impairs liver and kidney, causes brain damage in children resulting in lower I.Q., hyperactivity and reduced ability to concentrate.


Both toxic and carcinogenic. Excessive incidence of leukemia (blood cancer) in high exposure areas.

Exhaust Emission Standards

The pollution standards for in use vehicles have been prescribed under Rule 115(2) of Central Motor vehicles Rules, 1989. They are:

Petrol / CNG / LPG Vehicles:

a) Idling Carbon Monoxide emission limit for all two and three-wheeled vehicles should not exceed 4.5%.

b) Idling Carbon Monoxide Emission limit for all vehicles other than two and three- wheelers should not exceed 3%.

Diesel Vehicles:

Smoke density for all diesel driven vehicles should not exceed 65 hartridge Smoke Units.

Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained vehicle not only pollutes less but also gives better fuel mileage. While servicing the vehicle ask your workshop to pay attention to the following for better maintenance and lower pollution levels from your petrol driven vehicle: -

    • Proper tuning of the carburetor and lean mixture setting.

    • Regular cleaning of the air filter.

    • Regular checking of the ignition system with special attention to spark plug, plug gap, ignition coil, condenser, leads ignition timing & battery voltage.

    • Proper Valve tappet clearance.

    • Steering and wheel alignment.

    • Tyre pressure and tyre wear etc.

    • Always go to a trained mechanic for servicing your vehicles

Do’s and Don’ts

    • After the vehicle has been parked / unused for a long time (three to four weeks) the engine might require tuning.

    • Switch off the engine for stops of more than two minutes.

    • At high speeds fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increases.

    • Do not press the accelerator more than necessary.

    • Do not use the choke unless absolutely necessary and also do not drive with your foot on the clutch.

List of Pollution Testing Centers

Sr No. Detail PUC Type Taluka
1 M/s Dukle Auto Care Center, Prop. Shri Ashish Srinivas Dukle, Near Military Camp, Ground Floor, Ramnath Bldg. Oilemol St. Jose de Areal, Margao, Salcete-Goa. Diesel & Petrol Salcete
2 M/s Sarvesh Pollution Check Center, Prop. Vishal V. Prabhu, Nirankal Road Ponda-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Ponda
3 M/s Melissa Motors, Prop. Mr. Marcus Dias, Opp. Naval Store Depot, Alto Dabolim-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Marmugao
4 M/s Parvati Pollution Testing Center, Prop. Dasharath M. Gadekar, Duler, Mapusa –Goa. Petrol & Diesel Bardez
5 M/s Dhawalikar Automobiles, Managing Partner Shri Amarnath V. Dhawalikar, Dhawali P.O. Kavle, Ponda-Goa. Petrol Ponda
6 M/s Panam Service Control, Prop. R. D. Shukla, Plot No. 5, Palmar Colony, Alto St. Cruz, Opp. Kenkre Hospital, Bambolim Complex, Bambolim Goa Petrol Tiswadi
7 M/s Sai Auto Pollution, Pontemol, Prop. Omprakash Shivram Vast, H. No. 614, Pontemol, Curchorem -Goa. Petrol & Diesel Quepem
8 M/s Auto-Tech Service Station, Prop. Shyamsunder Vaman Sankhalkar, Honda, Sattari Goa. Petrol & Diesel Sattari
9 M/s Janata Motor Garage, Prop. Sanja Petrol Marmugao
10 M/s. Bhisso Pollution Check Center, Prop. Subhash Bhisso Naik, H.No. 5, Valetembim, Quepem-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Quepem
11 M/s J & J Service Point, Prop. Angelo Carlos B. Fernandes, Caskar, Wado, Porvorim, Bardez-Goa. Petrol Bardez
12 M/s Sai Service Station Ltd., 36-1, Alto-Porvorim, Bardez-Goa. Petrol Bardez
13 M/s Quick Tyre Service, Prop. Feliciano L. Fernandes, Shop No. 1 Dambab Niwas, B.C. Road, Opp. Hospicio Hospital, Margao-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Salcete
14 M/s Dosti Pollution Check Center, Prop. Atmaram Shiva Gawas, LIE/386, Nr. Maruti Temple, Davorlim, Margao-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Salcete
15 M/s Sai Service Station Ltd, Verna, Salcete-Goa. Petrol Salcete
16 M/s Sherloc Automobiles, Prop. Mr. Roque Carvalho, Ghandi Chowk, Mapusa-Goa. Petrol Bardez
17 M/s Gregory Automobile, Partner Mr. Edwin Gomes, Opp. Sygenta, Corlim, Ilhas Goa. Diesel Tiswadi
18 M/s Constructors & Traders, Partner Mr. Vivek K. Naik, Reduald Da Costa’s Bldg. P.O. Box No. 226, Margao-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Salcete
19 M/s Chowgule Industries Ltd, Campal, Panaji-Goa. Petrol Tiswadi
20 M/s Venkatesh Automobiles, Partner Sanjay A. Poi Raiturcar,Govind Pai House, Margao-Goa. Petrol Salcete
21 M/s Sairaj Auto Pollution Check Center, Prop. Shri Shailesh Dhumaskar, Shop No. 10, Shanta Chamber, Bepquegal,Curchorem-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Quepem
22 M/s West Coast Garage & Industries, Prop. Shri Shaymsunder V.Kamat, Nr. G.P.O., Old Bus Stand, Panaji. Petrol & Diesel Tiswadi
23 Shri Shaymsunder V. Kamat, H. No. E-162/A, Kadamba Road,Baiguininm, Old Goa, Goa Petrol & Diesel Tiswadi
24 M/s Sai Service Station ltd., Vasco-da-gama Goa, Goa Petrol Marmugao
25 M/s Sai Service Station Ltd, Haveli Curti ,Ponda-Goa Petrol Ponda
26 M/s Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd, Porvorim-Goa. Diesel Bardez
27 M/s Shivakrupa Fabrication Engg. & Service Center, Prop. S.A.Jambhale, Tisk Usgao, Ponda-Goa. Diesel Ponda
28 M/s Dada Engg. Works, Prop. Shri Raghuvir Dattaram Asolkar,Bhamai, Pale-Goa. is now transferred in the name of Shri.Sandesh Raghuvir Asolkar from Shri. Raghuvir Dattaram Assolkar w.e.f 13/10/2014 Diesel Bicholim
29 M/s J.V.G. PUC Centre, Prop. Shri Harshad V. Govekar, H.No.1653, Deulwadi, Vagator, Anjuna Bardez-Goa. Petrol Bardez
30 M/s Harischandra Pollution Checkling Centre Prop. Shri Sandip Harichandra Kerkar, Naik Waddo, Verla, Parra Bardez-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Bardez
31 M/s Saibaba Pollution Centre, Prop. Namdev Gopal Pagi, H.No.159, Patnem, Canacona-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Canacona
32 Sandeep Atmaram Kerkar, H. No. 179/A, Narayan Nagar, Honda Sattari Goa. Entry No. 551 dated 11/03/2010 Diesel Sattari
33 M/s Nitiraj Engineering Works Prop Shri Nitin Vilasrao Nikam,Sankhali-Goa, Entry No. 6217 dated 12/08/2009 Petrol & Diesel Bicholim
34 Alister Tyre Service, Prop. Andrew Jose Gonsalves, Felicinta Complex, Shop No. 30, Near Big Foot Circle, Gogal, Margao-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Salcete
35 M/s Gurukul Pollution Checking Centre, Shri Gaurinandan N.Joshi, H.No. 1001/1/Shop-2, Deulwada, Marcel-Goa. Entry No.2848 dated 06/12/2010 Petrol & Diesel Ponda
36 M/S Sai Auto Tech, House No.677, Bhatwadi, Mulgao, Bicholim-Goa Petrol & Diesel Bicholim
37 M/s Sawant Garage, Prop. Shri Savlo Kashinath Sawant, near Peoples High School, Mala, Panaji-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Tiswadi
38 M/s Goa Rajee Auto Pvt. Ltd. 76/A, Cupem, Nuvem, Margao-Goa Petrol Salcete
39 M/s Haritara PUC Centre, Prop. Shri Sagar Harishchandra Kuttiker, 22, Pansulem, Dharbandoda-Goa, Near Usgao By-Pass Junction, Next To Hotel Haritara, Mob.9422636233/9823628799 Petrol & Diesel Dharbandora
40 M/S Shivsamarth Motoriders Pvt. Ltd., Prop. Rajesh Ashok Khaunte, 2/200 Opp. Zonal Agriculture Office, Duler, Mapusa-Goa Petrol Bardez
41 Shri Utkarsh Uttam Teli, 142 Analem Naibag, Pernem-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Pernem
42 M/s Sai Service Station Ltd., Shed No. D2-9, Mapusa Industrial Estate, Dattawadi, Mapusa, Bardez-Goa Petrol & Diesel Bardez
43 M/s Freshair PUC Centre, Prop. Shri Harshad V. Govekar, Shop No.5, Ground Floor, S.S. Plaza, Phase II, Morod, Mapusa-Goa.9764305755/2265755 Petrol Bardez
44 SAMARTH PUC CENTRE, Opp. Safa Masjid, Near RTO Office,Ponda-Goa Petrol & Diesel Ponda
45 M/s A.G. Enterprises, Partner Smt. Adnya Anil Korde and Smt. Archana Ashok Phadte, Shop No. 3, Atharva Residency,Warkhande, Ponda-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Ponda
46 M/s Icecool Car A/C Services, Prop. Mr. Sachin C. Biranje, 203/E,NH-17, Kalapur Highway Junction, Moloca, Merces, Tiswadi-Goa Petrol & Diesel Tiswadi
47 M/s Super Pollution Testing Centre, Prop. Shri Shekhar Anant Naik, H.No.42/1E, Near Tar Bridge, Bastora, Mapusa, Bardez-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Bardez
48 M/s Cumer PUC Center, Prop. Shri Umakant Gopi Gawade,Mahakhazan Dhargalim, Pernem-Goa. Petrol & Diesel Pernem