Sr No. Circular No. & Date of issue Details / Subject Click to View
1 Order No.D.Tpt/EST/2337/2020/1079 dated 12/05/2020 Expenditure powers to DDA and ADTs
2 Circular No.D.Tpt/Dy.DT(N)/07/2019/3485 dated 16/10/2019 Circular regarding requirement of badge for driving Public Service vehicle
3 Notification No.8/1/2019/LA dated 17-Oct-2019 Ordinance for reduction in road tax rate for registration of vehicles
4 No.D.Tpt/EST/1508/2010(Part File)/2019/3428 dated 17-Oct-2019 Draft rule for enhancement of choice registration mark fee
5 STA Order No.DTpt/STA/2375/2019/2440 dated 03/07/2019 Order regarding transfer of Rent a Motorcycle License
6 Circular no.D.Tpt/EST/Comp/2606/2240 dated 18/06/2019 Online application for management of schemes
7 Circular No. DA/Control/7-9(x)/2019-20/TR-62/51 dated 14/05/2019 issued by the Directorate of Accounts Payment of office landline telephone bills
8 MoRTH letter No.RT-11028/22/2016-MVL dated 02/05/2019 Registration of combined Harvesters as Non Transprt -NT
9 MoRTH letter No. RT-11036/82/2017-MVL dated 01/05/2019 Standard Operating Procedure for Registration of imported vehicles
10 GAD Circular No.35/1/2019-GAD-III/1168 dated 26/04/2019 Communication of all Notifications/Circulars/Office Memorandums, etc. through e-mail only
11 MoRTH letter RT-11028/03/2018-MVL dated 29/04/2019 Background colour of Registration plate for Battery operated vehicle reg.
12 STA Order No. D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/1707 dated 25/04/2019 Regarding provisions to accommodate persons with disabilities in Stage Carriage Permit vehicles
13 Minutes of the NTPC meeting held on 16-04-2019 Minutes of the National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd meeting held on 16-04-2019
14 Corrigendum No. D.Tpt/Comp/Online Payment/2195/1518 dated 08/04/2019 Corrigendum to Circular No. D.Tpt/Comp/Online Payment/2195/1194 dated 08/03/2019 regarding Online payment of Road Tax and passenger Taxes of Commercial vehicles
15 MoRTH letter No. RT-11021/11/2019-MVL dated 26/03/2019 Issuance of the Driving licences
16 Circular no. 3/26/2014-IND/161 dated 26/03/2019 from the Department of Industries Regarding Goa investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (Goa-IPB)
17 Circular No. 23/5/86-PER dated 24/03/2019 from the Department of Personnel Timely Completion of Annual Performance Assessment Report (APAR) for the period 2018-19
18 STA Order No. D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/1345 dated 08/03/2019 Order reg. no requirement of furnishing Motor Driving Licence at the time of application for new permit.
19 No.D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/884 dated 20/02/2019 Policy Guidelines to RTA's issued by State Transport Authority
20 Circular No. 13/1/2014/DOIT/Website Accessibility/2023 dated 11.03.2019 Circular_Model Code of Conduct
21 SUPREME COURT COMMITTEE ON ROAD SAFETY LETTER No.28/CoRS/2014 8th December, 2017 Writ Petition (Civil) No.295 of 2012 - Order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court dated 30th November, 2017 on Road Safety
22 MoRTH letter No. RT-11036/06/2019-MVL dated 28/02/2019 Alteration of vehicles reg.
24 STA Order No. D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/1222 dated 12/03/2019 Procedure for renewal, replacement, transfer and addition of vehicle (permit) on licence issued under Rent a Motorcycle Scheme, 1997
25 STA Order No.D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/1221 dated 12/03/2019 Advance Issuance of Authorisation to All india Permits Vehicles
26 Circular No. D.Tpt/Comp/Online Payment/2195/1194 dated 08/03/2019 Online Payment Services for Yearly Road Tax Payment for Commercial vehicles and Monthly Passenger Tax Payment for Passenger vehicles
27 Letter No. D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/1106 dated 06/03/2019 STA: Guidelines for Taxi operator/Radio Taxis / Rent a car and Taxi App Aggregators in the state of Goa
28 ORDER NO.D.tpt/STA/2375/2019/1105 dated 06/03/2019 STA: regarding Hotel letter
29 MoRTH letter No. RT-11036/07/2019-MVL Clarification on Two Wheeler carrier trucks and trailers
30 O.M. No. 9/10/2010-Fin(DMU) dated 29/11/2011 O.M. from Fin.(Bud.) reg. sitting fees for non-official members of various committees
31 MoRTH letter No. RT-11036/10/2019-MVL dated 28.02.2019 No requirement of an NOC for renewal/change of address in the Driving Licence
32 STA Order No. D.Tpt/STA/2375/2019/860 dated 19/02/2019 Approval of new model Maruti Suzuki Tour H2 (Celerio) for registration as Motor Cab (Taxi)
33 Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety letter No.05/2014/CORS (Vol-VI) dated 18/12/2017 Road Safety Audit
34 Order No D.Tpt/Est/2375/2019/700 dated 08/02/2019 Penalty guidelines for renewal of permits
35 GSR 1129(E) NO 916 DATED 24 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, Part ii, section 3, Sub section i, No 916
36 GSR 1225(E) NO 912 DATED 20 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, Part ii, section 3, sub section (i) no 912
37 GSR 6108(E) NO 4878 DATED 11 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India no 4878 Part ii, Section 3, Sub Section ii, No 4878
38 GSR 6052(E) NO 4823 DATED 06 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, Part ii, Section 3, Sub section ii, no 4823
39 GSR 1162 (E) NO 855 DATED 04 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, Part ii, Section 3, Sub Section (i) No 855
40 GSR 1162(E) DATED 04 DECEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, part ii, Section 3, Subsection (i) no 855
41 GSR 1151(E) DATED 29 NOVEMBER 2018 Gazette of India, Part ii, Section 3, Subsection (i) No. 844
42 MoRTH letter No. RT-11028/15/2017-MVL dated 18/01/2019 Clarification regarding notification No. G.S.R. 1081(E) dated 02.11.2018 reg. Fitness Certificate of Transport vehicles
43 1/6/83-Per (Vol. II) Pt (a)/ 143 dated 14.01.2019 Guidelines on recruitment procedure for filling up of Group C
44 Letter No.RT-11031/01/2017-MVL dated 10-Jan- 2019 Compliance of the judgement dated 20th July 2018 of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in WP(C) No.295/2012-S.Rajaseekaran V/s Union of India and Ors. reg. 3rd Party Insurance
45 MoRTH Notification no. S.O. 5333(E) dated 18.10.2018 Regarding exemption to Battery Operated Transport Vehicles and Transport Vehicles running on Ethanol and Methanol fuels from requirement of permits
46 MoRTH Notification no. G.S.R. 931(E) dated 27.09.2018 Regarding Special requirements for transportation of livestock
47 RT-11036/11/2017-MVL Grant of web service(Sarathi) to Directorate of Transport
48 RT-11036/64/2017-MVL 17.12.2018 Acceptance of Driving Licence, Registration Certificate and other transport related information presented in Electronic form
49 RT 11 036/64/2018-MVL dated 29.11.2018 Child lock system in Taxis
50 RT11021/47/2014-MVL dated 21.06.2017 BS-IV vehicles Comliance of Hon'ble Supreme Court's order dated 29.03.2017
51 No.D.Tpt./STA/2375/2018/6001 dated 4.12.2018 Additional permit terms and conditions
52 G.S.R. 1081 (E) dated 02-Nov-2018 for Fitness of Transport vehicles The Gazette of India – extraordinary – part II – section 3 – sub-section (i) – G.S.R. 1081 (E) dated 02-Nov-2018 for Fitness of Transport vehicles
53 STA Circular No. DTpt/EST/2375/2018/5656 dated 13/11/2018 Guidelines on Display of Advertisement on Public Service Vehicles
54 STA Order No. DTpt/EST/2375/2018/5657 dated 13/11/2018 Special Permits through Border Checkposts
55 STA Order No. DTpt/EST/2375/2018/5658 dated 13/11/2018 Contract carriage permits to Omni buses after 15 years of age.
56 STA Order No. DTpt/EST/2375/2018/5661 dated 13/11/2018 Additional mode of payment for Authorisation fees of Rs. 500/-
57 D.Tpt/Est/2375/2018/5570 dated 1.11.2018 Order: criteria/policy guidelines for Accepting/Considering the request for issue of contract carriage permit for yellow/black taxis
59 F.No. RT-25035/25/2014-RS dated 23.10.2018 WP(C) No.295/2012, S. Rajaseekaran V, UOI and Ors. - 3rd Party Insurance reg...
60 No.D.Tpt/Dy.DT(N)/07/2018/5360 dated 23.10.2018 Updating of the correct 3rd party insurance details on Vahan database
61 Circular No.D.Tpt/DyDT(N)/07/2018/3475 dated 06/06/2018 No requirement to obtain separate endorsement to drive Transport vehicle
63 No. RT-11031/01/2017-MVL Dated 29 August 2018 Compilance of the judgment dated 20th July, 2018 of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in WP(C) No.295/2012 - S. Rajaseekaran v/s Union of India and Ors. In the matter of third party Insurance for Car and Two wheeler - reg.
64 Corrigendum No. D.Tpt/ACCTS/CASH-TRANS/PI/2018/4322 dated 01/08/2018 Corrigendum for Cashless transactions.
65 Letter No. 3(14)/2014-EG II dated 18/07/2018 MEITy regarding Legal Acceptance of Driving Licence and Registration Certificate presented through Digilocker
66 No. RT11028/1112017-MVL Dated, the 18th of July, 2018, The Gazette of India, EXTRAORDINARY PART II-Scction 3-Sub-scction (ii)-S.O. 3467(E) Revision of Safe Axle Weights for Transport Vehicles and enforcement thereof.
67 Public Notice No.: D.Tpt/Accts/CASH-TRANS/P-I/2018/3785 (29-08-2018) -
68 DoIT Circular regarding CSC 20/07/2018 Setting up of CSC
69 Circular No.: D.Tpt/EST/Circular-Digilocker/2709/2018/3789 (29-06-2018) Regarding Legal acceptance of Driving Licence, Registration Certificate & Emission Test Certificate presented through Diglocker Platform on par with original documents.
70 Memorandum No. D.Tpt/ACCTS/CASH-TRANS/2018/3675 dated 21/06/2018 Instructions for Cashless Transactions
71 Circular No. 7(43)/2017-18/DoIT/SDA for Hardware Procurement/380 (15-06-2018) -
72 Circular No: D.TPT/Dy.DT(N)/07/2018/3475 (06/06/2018) Circular – WRT Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Mukund Dewangan V/s Oriental InsuranceCompany ltd.
73 Circular No: D.Tpt/5/25/89-TPT/PF/2018/3438 (05/06/2018) Amendment to Government Notification No D.Tpt./5/25/89-tpt/PF/2017/5174 dated 23/10/2017 - Official Gazette Series II No.35 dated 30.11.2017
74 No.D.Tpt/EST/2684/2018/3836 (03/06/2018) Guidelines for Alteration of Vehicles
75 PUC (29/05/2018) Compulsion of PUC Certificate at time of Vehicle insurance / Renewal of Insurance
76 Memorandum-Implementation of Cashless mode of Payment Cashless mode of payment – through HDFC
77 Directorate of Accounts Circular No.DA/Control/7-9(ix)/2018-19/TR-60/40 dated 09/05/2018 Circular regarding cashless transactions w.e.f. 01st October 2018.
78 MoRTH Notification The Gazette of India – extraordinary – part II – section 3 – sub-section (ii) – S.O. 1522(E) for revised speed limits
79 IRDA/NL/NTFN/MOTP/053/03/2018 (28-03-2018) Order of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India On Premium Rates for Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Cover for FY 2018-19
80 Memorandum No.D.Tpt/Dy.DT(N)/07/GEN-MEM/2018/1786 dated 20.03.2018 -
81 Notification for Insurance subsidy Extension of Goa State Public Transport Insurance Contribution Scheme, 2014
82 MoRTH Notification for Emmission standard Gazette of India, Extraordinary – Part II, Section 3, Sub-section (i) GSR 178(E)
83 Minutes of the meeting to discusson bus stands etc. Minutes of Meeting dated 22.01.2018, attended by Transport Department, PWD, GSIDC – regarding Bus Stand
84 Order No.D.Tpt/Dy.DT(N)/37/2018/1752 Coordination Committee – Department of Transport – KTCL – Bus owners Association
85 Order No.D.Tpt/EST/2663/2018/850 Appointment of PRO – Directorate of Transport
86 No.1/43/80-LD/Est(Part)North Goa/213 dated 02.02.2018 Appointment of District Judge – 2, North Goa Sitting at Mapusa, as Member of Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, North Goa District.
87 RT-16011/5/2017-T dated 05-01-2018 MoRTH guidelines for scheme for strengthening ITS in Public Transport System
88 Circular No.D.Tpt./Dy.DT(N)/Misc-20/2017/633 dated 29.01.2018 Fitment of FASTag
89 MoRTH Letter No RT-16011_5_2017_T -
90 Rent a Bike Undertaking Rent a bike undertaking / Self Declaration
91 Circular – No.D.Tpt/Accts/ARM/1503/2018/10 dated 02.01.2018 Downloading of forms from website
92 MORTH Notification Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub Section (i), GSR 1482(E) Notification for trailer registration
93 Order No D.Tpt/Est/2016/2017/6050 Installation of POS Machines for use of payment gateway of BOI and HDFC Bank.
94 Notification No.RT-11036/66/2015-MVL dated 12-18 Approval for registration of Amphibian vehicles
95 Memorandum No.D.Tpt/EST/2486/2017/5781 dated 13.12.2017 Memorandum regarding – Approval for registration of Amphibian Vehicles
96 Office Memorandum no. 7/11/2012-FIN(DMU) dated 11.12.2017 Guidelines regarding expenditure to be incurred by chairman / Vice Chairman of corporations / Autonomous bodies etc.
97 No.D.Tpt/Accts/G.S.R.S.F.S/2017- 18/5220 Notification -Road Safety Fund
98 Memorandum No.D.Tpt/Dy.DT(N)/20/2017/5618 dated 07.12.2017 Targets for issue of Checking reports
99 Notification No. D.Tpt/Accts/GS.R.S.FS/2017-18/5220 G.S.Road Safety Fund Scheme
100 MORTH letter No. RT-11036/31/2015-MVL DATED 04.12.2017 ADVISORY REGARDING ISSUES RELATED TO E-Rickshaws/ e-Carts
101 Notification No.D.Tpt/5/25/89-TPT/PF/2017/5174 - SERIES II No.35 dated 03.11.2017 Reconstitution of STA and RTA
102 Notification No. D.Tpt/EST/2046/2017/5373 dated 29.11.2017 Seasonal pass Scheme for daily commuters and students by KTCL 2018
103 Memorandum NoD.Tpt/EST/121/2017/5379 Armed Forces Flag Day
104 MoRTH Notification – extraordinary No. 960 Part II, sub section (i) GSR 1462(E) dtd 27-Nov-2017 -
105 Circular No.9/1/2010-Fin(Dmu)/39 dated 27.11.2017 – Finance Department Implementation of the revised Pay structure – 7th pay
106 Circular No.D.Tpt/EST/10(2017)5177 dated 23.11.2017 RTA meeting minutes
107 Official Gazette Series I No. 34 dated 23.11.2017 Choice / Fancy registration Number fees
108 Choice No Notificatin No.D.Tpt/EST/1508/2010(part file)/2017/5115 dated 22.11.2017 Choice / Fancy registration Number fees
109 MoRTH letter No.RT-11016/03/2017-MVL dt.21112017 Driving licence for persons having Monocular vision - Reg
110 Order No.D.tpt/EST/10/2017-18/2376 dated 07-AUG-2017 Order for using Aadhar Card as Proof of address and identity
111 Motor Vehicles driving Regulations 2017 notified by MoRTH dated 23-Jun-2017 Motor Vehicles driving Regulations 2017
112 D.Tpt/EST/10/2017-18 dated 22TH-JUN-2017 Uniform procedures including legal requirements in respect of documents for registration of vehicles / Motor Driving licences
113 Letter No. F.15/2016/CoRS dated 11/04/2017 Letter from Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety regarding fitment of SLDs.