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The state Transport department was constituted under the provisions of Section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles' Act, 1939. The department acts as the apex regulatory body that controls the entire gamut of activities that go into the operation of passenger & goods transport motor vehicles - both private & commercial. Through these regulatory activities, the department of Transport is one of the major revenue earners for the state exchequer.

Goa has a total of 224 km of National highway, 232 km of state highway and 815 km of district highway. Goa has two National Highways passing through it. NH-17 runs along India's west coast and links Goa to Mumbai in the north and Mangalore to the south. NH-4A running across the state connects the capital Panjim to Belgaum in east, linking Goa to cities in the Deccan. The NH-17A connects NH-17 to Mormugao Harbour from Cortalim, and the new NH-17B, four lane highway connecting Mormugao Harbour to NH-17 at another location, Verna, via Dabolim airport

The following maps of the state are available for viewing:

Road network map of Goa

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