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Registration of Vehicles

Fees for registration

1. M/Cycle … Rs. 60/-
2. Invalid Carriage … Rs. 20/-
3. Light Motor Vehicles … Rs. 200/-
4. Light Commercial Vehicles … Rs. 300/-
5. Medium Goods Vehicles … Rs. 400/-
6. Heavy Goods Vehicles … Rs. 600/-
7. Medium Passenger Vehicles … Rs. 400/-
8. Heavy Passenger Vehicles … Rs. 600/-
9. Imported Vehicles … Rs. 800/-
10. Imported M/Cycle … Rs. 200/-
11. Any other Vehicles … Rs. 300/-

The purchase of a new vehicle is required to produce the below mentioned documents to the Registering Authority.

(i) Form No. 20 Rs. 10/-
Form No. 21
Form No. 22 from the dealer of vehicle

(ii) Insurance of the vehicle.
(iii) Proof of residence as mentioned above.
(iv) Tax Form. Rs. 5/-
(v) Invoice from the dealer.

Registration Mark :
An applicant can ask for a registration mark of his choice which shall be issued to him, provided it is available, on payment of fees prescribed under Rule 310 of Goa Motor Vehicles Rules, 1991.

Fees Structure :
1. Assignment of registration mark within identical numerical.
Two & other than
three wheelers two &
Three wheelers

(i) In 2 digits …Rs. 1000/- Rs. 3000/-
(ii) In 3 digits …Rs. 2000/- Rs. 5000/-
(iii) In 4 digits …Rs. 3000/- Rs. 10000/-

2. Assignment of registration
mark in form of any
combination …Rs. 2000/- Rs. 4000/-

3. Assignment of registration mark in consecutive ascending order of 3 or more digits … Rs. 1500/- Rs. 3000/-

4. Assignment of …Rs. 1500/- Rs. 3000/-
No. 786

R.C. Book can be either personally collected from the Registering Authority or received by post. A self addressed stamped envelope should be given alongwith papers for registration of vehicles.

All transport vehicles shall be produced before the Motor Vehicle Inspectors for fitness check. Only therefore, application for issue of permit will be entertained.

Endorsement of Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA) :
For endorsement of HPA, an applicant should make an application in Form No. 34 (Rs.5/-) in duplicate alongwith Registration Certificate and Fee of Rs. 100/-.

Cancellation of Hire Purchase Agreement :
For cancellation of HPA, an application should be submitted in Form No. 35 (Rs.5/-) alongwith Registration Certificate and Fees of Rs. 100/-.
Transfer of Ownership :
For transfer of ownership, application should be submitted in Form No. 30 (Rs.10/-) alongwith Registration Certificate, Insurance, Tax Clearance, Proof of Residence and Fees comprising of half of the Registration fees.

Renewal of Registration :
A Certificate of Registration of a private vehicle is valid for a period of 15 years from the date of its initial registration. An application in Form No. 25 (Rs.10/-) for renewal should be made to the Registering Authority not more than 60 days before the date of its expiry.

Change of Address :
For change of address, an application should be made in Form No. 33 (Rs.10/-) alongwith Registration Certificate and proof of residence and fees of Rs. 50/-.

Re-Registration :
An application for re-registration in the State of Goa shall be made in Form No. 30 (Rs.10/-) to the concerned Registering Authority alongwith Registration Certificate, Insurance , Tax, Proof of Residence and N.O.C. in Form No. 28 (Rs.10/-) issued by the original Registering Authority of Home State.

NOC within Goa :
An application should be made on plain paper alongwith Form No. 30 (Rs.10/-) and Registering Certificate and submitted to the original Registering Authority.

NOC outside Goa :
An application on plain paper should be made to the Registering authority alongwith Form No. 30 (Rs.10/-), Form No. 28 (Rs.10/-), Registering Certificate in original and Xerox, Insurance Certificate, Tax, Prosecution remarks and No Theft Report from Police Department.

Duplicate R. C. :
An FIR should be lodged with the Police. Application in Form No. 26 (Rs.10/-) alongwith Police report should be made to the Registering Authority alongwith receipt of payment of fees as follows :

Motorcycle … Rs. 30/-
L.M.V. … Rs. 100/-
Medium … Rs. 200/-
Heavy … Rs. 300/-
Imported … Rs. 400/-
Imported M/Cycle … Rs. 100/-
Alteration :
Prior approval of the Registering Authority should be obtained to carry out any alteration in the vehicles. A fee for alteration is Rs.50/- Vehicles should be produced before the Registering Authority after carrying out alteration. Registration Certificate should be submitted for endorsement of the alteration.

Temporary Registration :
Temporary registration may be applied for in Form CR Temp. A (Rs.10/-). Temporary registration shall be issued on the same day. Documents such as Sale Certificate in Form No. 21 and Insurance to be submitted and the fees as follows, besides Tax :

(1) Rs. 100/- 2 Wheelers & 3 Wheelers
(2) Rs. 250/- Light Vehicles
(3) Rs. 300/- All other vehicles