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Parking Advice

Every day - more motorised vehicles get added to the city's traffic. Add to that the limited scope for expanding the road capacity, and you have the problem of shrinking parking space. Leading to congestion, chaos and parking problems.

In this situation , haphazard parking of vehicles causes unnecessary inconvenience to everyone.

Follow the simple steps stated below , to relieve the parking constraints.

  • Use designated parking lots.
  • Where such facility is not available, make sure you vehicle is not obstructing the traffic.
  • Never park in ' No Parking' zones
  • These areas are congestion prone. Your vehicle can unnecessarily obstruct many others.
  • Provide 'in-house' parking space in your residential / office locality
  • When constructing / looking for property, go for one which has built-in parking space.
  • Use public transport / car pools: By avoiding bringing your vehicle on the road as often as possible, you vehicle on the road as often as possible, you help reduce stress on public parking spaces and inconvenience to all including yourself.
  • Resist on-street parking: Where this is unavoidable, park your vehicle alongside the corner / wall.