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Travelling on a Bus

Buses are definitely a boon to modern society; an inexpensive mode of mass transport that can, if used responsibly, lead to not only vital fuel savings, but also lead to a better environment and better utilization of road space. That's because the fuel consumption / emission per person is far lesser than in the case of any individual / small transport vehicle.

Given are a few handy tips which can help you use buses more intelligently and also ensure your safety.

Board / alight from the bus responsibly Don't rush to catch a bus.
Don't enter / exit from a moving bus.
Don't alight from bus at red lights or corners.
Don't disturb the driver Don't talk to the driver or create any disturbance that might distract him.

Avoid overcrowded buses Overcrowded buses are unstable and prone to toppling. You are an easy target for thieves in crowded buses.

Beware of snatchers Avoid wearing expensive jewellery while traveling. Hide your money / valuables and keep an eye out for miscreants.

Bus manners Men should avoid using lady's seats, especially if there is a lady standing. Please give priority to the old / handicapped / children. Don't smoke in buses. Remember, smoking in buses is a punishable offence.

Watch out for suspicious objects In case you see a suspicious object, please inform the conductor / driver immediately. Bombs can be disguised as Tiffin boxes, transistors, toys anything. Be extra watchful.

Don't stand on entrance / exit Sudden braking or swerving can cause you to lose balance and fall out.
No inflammables Never carry gas, petrol, acid, crackers etc. in buses.