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Maintenance Tips to control Vehicle Pollution

A well-maintained vehicle not only pollutes less but also gives better fuel mileage. While servicing the vehicle ask your workshop to pay attention to the following for better maintenance and lower pollution levels from your petrol driven vehicle: -
  • Proper tuning of the carburetor and lean mixture setting.
  • Regular cleaning of the air filter.
  • Regular checking of the ignition system with special attention to spark plug, plug gap, ignition coil, condenser, leads ignition timing & battery voltage.
  • Proper Valve tappet clearance.
  • Steering and wheel alignment.
  • Tyre pressure and tyre wear etc.
  • Always go to a trained mechanic for servicing your vehicles

Do’s and Don’ts

  • After the vehicle has been parked / unused for a long time (three to four weeks) the engine might require tuning.
  • Switch off the engine for stops of more than two minutes.
  • At high speeds fuel consumption and exhaust pollution increases.
  • Do not press the accelerator more than necessary.
  • Do not use the choke unless absolutely necessary and also do not drive with your foot on the clutch.