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Driving licence

(a) Who can get a licence :-
(i) A person who has completed 18 years of age can get a licence for M/cycle and Light Motor Vehicles.
(ii) A person who has completed 20 years of age can get a licence to drive professional and Light Transport Vehicles such as M/Cycles, Taxis, Autorickshaws, P/Ups, etc.
(iii) A person who has completed 16 years of age but below 18 years of age can get a licence for M/cycles not exceeding 50 c.c.

b) How to get a licence :-
(i) The applicant for learner's licence should approach the Assistant Director of Transport of the area, in which he resides and submit duly filled in Form 2 (Rs.5/-). All the documents as shown in the application form should be submitted alongwith the application for expeditious disposal.
(ii) The Department has computerized the services of learners licenses and introduced the services through the R.T.O. Counters and Mahiti Ghars at Panaji, Bicholim, Ponda, Margao and Vasco.
(iii) The application for permanent driving licence should be given in Form 4 (Rs.5/-) alongwith the documents mentioned therein. An applicant holding permanent driving licence for one class and desirous of obtaining licence for another class of vehicle should make an application in Form No. 8 (Rs.5/-).

Application for learner's licence:-
An application for the grant or renewal of a learner's licence shall be made in Form 2 and shall be accompanied by-
(a) a medical certificate in [Form 1-A]
(b) Three copies of the applicant's recent [passport size photograph],
(c) Appropriate fee
(d) In the case of an application for [transport vehicle], the driving licence held by the applicant.

Preliminary test.-
(1) Save as otherwise provided in sub-rule
(2), every applicant for a learner's licence shall present himself before the licensing authority on such date, place and time, as the licensing authority may appoint, for a test and satisfy such authority that the applicant possesses adequate knowledge and understanding of the following matters, namely:
(a) the traffic signs, traffic signals and the rules of the road regulations made under section 118;
(b) the duties of the driver when his vehicles is involved in an accident resulting in the death or bodily injury to a person or damages to property of a third party;
(c) the precautions to be taken while passing an unmanned railway crossing ; and
(d) the documents he should carry with him while driving a motor vehicle.

Consent of parent or guardian, in the case of application by minor.-In the case of an application for a learner's licence to drive a motor cycle without gear by an applicant the application shall be signed by the parent or guardian of the applicant.

Form of learner's licence.- Every learner's licence issued by the licensing authority shall be in Form 3.

Addition to driving licence.-(1) An application for addition of anther class or description of motor vehicle to the driving licence shall be made in Form 8

Renewal of driving licence.- (1) An application for the renewal of a driving licence shall be made in Form 9 to the licensing authority having jurisdiction over the area in which the applicant ordinarily resides or carries on business and shall be accompanied by-

(a) appropriate fee as specified
(b) three copies of the applicant's recent [passport size photograph],
(c) the driving licence,
(d) the medical certificates [Form 1-A].

(2) Where the driving licence authorizes the holder of such licence to drive a transport vehicle as well as any other vehicle, then the licensing authority shall, subject to the production of medical certificate, renew such licence for the appropriate period

Duplicate Driving Licence :-

FIR should be lodged in case of loss of licence. Application may be made in Form LLD (Rs.10/-) alongwith recent photographs. The fee for Smart Card based license is Rs. 200/-.