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Form No.1 Application -cum-declaration as to Physical Fitness
Form No.1A for Medical certificate
Form No.2 Application for Grant or Renewal of Learner.Licence
Form 4 for Application for Driving Licence
Form 8 for Application for the addition of new class of vehicle to the Driving Licence
Form 9 for Application for the Renewalof Driving Licence
Form 12 for Application for renewal of license for Motor.Driving.School
Form 13 for Application for Renewal of License for M.D.School
Form 16 for Application for grant or renewal of trade certificate
Form 18 for Intimation & application for Duplicate
Form 20 for Registration of a Motor Vehicles
Form 25 for renewal of Certificate of Registration of a motor vehicle, other than a transport vehicle
Form 26 for intimation of loss/ destruction of Certificate of Registration and application for issue of duplicate Certificate
Form 27 for assignment of new registration mark on removal of a motor vehicle to another State
Form 28 Grant of No Objection Certificate
Form 29 Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicles
Form 30 intimation and transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicles
Form 31 for transfer of ownership in the name of the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle
Form 32 Application for transfer of ownership in auction
Form 33 Intimation of change of address
Form 34 for making an entry of an agreement of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation subsequent to Registration
Form 35 Notice of termination of an agreement of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation
Form 36 Application for issue of a fresh certificate of registration in the name of Financer
Form 40 Application for Grant/Renewal of letter of Authorisation Testing station
Form 42 Application for reg.of vehicle of Diplomat/consulant
Form 44 Intimation of change of State of Residence
Form 45 Application for Grant of Permit of authorization for grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicles.
Form 46 for Grant of Authorization for Tourist or National Permit.
Form 48 for the Grant of national Permit
Form IX Declaration for Grant of General Licence
Form DTVB Application for Dup. PSV badge
Form L.Ag.A Application to work as agent to collect distribute goods
Form C.F.R.A Application for renewal Fitness Certificate
Form M.C.con Medical certificate for conductor
L.Con.A Application for conductors license
Form V.Rep.A Form for application for replacement of Motor Vehicles covered by any permit
Form P.Pr.S.A Application for Private Service Vehicle
Form P.St. P.A Application for Stage Carriage
Form B.T.I Notice in regard to an alteration in a motor vehicle
Form C.R.Tem.A. Application for Temp.Registration
Form LPSA Application for PSV Test
Form F.T. Intimation of M.V of other State
Form L.Ag.A(PSV) Application for Agent License
Form VI A (Declaration of Non use)
Form P.Tem A Application for Temp Permit
Form C.R.L.D Application for Dup.F.C
form VII Application for refund of Tax
Form TR.P.A Application for Transfer of Permit
Form II Monthly returns r/o stage carriage
Form LLD Application for Dup. Driving License
Form L Con Application intimation to act as conductor
Form G.L.D Application for Dup. Conductor Licence
Form D.C.B Application Dup. Conductor Badget
Form C.F.A Application for Fitness Certificate
Form P.C.O.P.A Application for Regular Contract Carriage
Form P.Gd.C.A Application for Goods Carriage Permit
Form P.C.O.S.P.A Application for Special Contract Permit
Form L. Con.R Application for renewal of a Conductors licence
Form I Form of Declaration (TAX)
Form I Monthly return in respect of stage carriage authorized to be used exclusively as a contract carriage