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Certificate of fitness

Validity of certificate of fitness:-
(1) A certificate of fitness in respect of a transport vehicle granted under section 56 shall be in Form 38 and such certificate when granted or renewed shall be valid for the period as indicated below:-

(a) New transport vehicle two years
(b) Renewal of certificate of one year
fitness in respect of vehicles mentioned in (a) above 86(***)
(c ) Renewal of certificate of fitness in one year)
respect of vehicles covered under rule 82 of these rules (Tourist permit)
(d)fresh registration of imported vehicles Same period as in the case of vehicles manufactured in India having regard to the date of manufacture: 88(Provided that the renewal of a fitness certificate shall be made only after the 89(Inspecting Officer ) has carried the tests specified in the table given below namely,

Item Check Fitment Check/make/ Type/rating, etc as per original equipment recommendations Check conditions Check functioning Test Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Spark plug/Suppressor cap/High Tension cable Yes Yes Yes No No -
Head Lamp Beams Yes No Yes Yes Check Beam focus as per Annexure
Other Lights Yes No Yes Yes No Also ensure that unauthorized Lights are not fitted
Reflectors Yes No Yes No No Ensure colour of reflectors and reflective tapes are as per Rule 104
Bulbs Yes Yes Yes No No Ensure that head light bulbs wattage, especially halogen is not higher than those indicated in IS 1606-1993 and also ensure that halogen bulbs with P45t caps are not used in all vehicle
Rear View Mirror Yes No Yes No No -
Safety Glass Yes Yes Yes No No Laminated windscreen glass is used for vehicles manufactured from April 1996 onwards
Horn Yes No Yes Yes No -
Silencer Yes No Yes Yes No Ensure no leakage
Dash board equipment Yes No Yes Yes No -
Windshield wiper Yes No Yes Yes No -
Exhaust emission No No No No Yes Pollution under Control Certificate
Braking system Yes No Yes Yes Yes As per Rule 96(8)
Speedometer Yes No Yes Yes No As per Rule117
Steering gear Yes No Yes Yes Check Check free play as per rule 98 for Vehicles with steering wheel

Explanation - "Inspecting Officer" means an Officer appointed by the State Government under section 213 of the Act.) (2) The fee for the grant or renewal of a certificate of fitness shall be as specified in rule 81.